Yvonne has supported countless twin flames on their path to their one true love and now reveals:

"How to finally unite with your Twin Flame, without losing a ton of time, money and energy."

As an experienced Twin Flame Coach, I will guide you on your very personal path leading you to yourself and into your happy and harmonious relationship with your one true love.

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Your longing has led you here ...

There's a good reason you found this site. You are probably looking for happiness, harmony and a deep connection with your great love – or simply for a way to end the pain. Are you in one of the following situations?

  • Separated & Unhappy. You met your twin flame and you were together with them for a while. Initially, it was the best thing you’ve ever experienced. Pure magic. Yet you are now separated and he or she is rejecting you. You don’t know what to do now.
  • Married & Questioning. You are in a relationship or maybe even married, but now you have met your twin flame and nothing has been the same. Or you're even married to your one true love, but you're struggling and don’t know how long you can keep it up.
  • Single & Frustrated. After several relationships, you are single again and are sick of investing in relationships only for them to fail later. You're are at a point where you are willing to focus on yourself in order to find your one true love.

Or is your personal story a different one? No matter how lonely and desperate you feel, how hopeless everything seems to you – together we will develop an individual plan that will get you out of your current situation and lead you to inner peace and true love.


Yvonne has already helped countless people write their own personal success stories.
Here are a few of them:

Caroline B., Vienna

"Yvonne is the most sophisticated, refined, wise, no-bullshit coach I have ever encountered. But not only that. She is clear minded, loving, kind and pure delicious FUN too. Don't call Yvonne unless you really want to see your life change rapidly."

Yvon B., Canada

"Yvonne is a profoundly honest and authentic individual who is highly intelligent. I don’t know how she’s able to always get to the core of an issue, but the growth I experienced brought me so much inner peace, clarity and "centeredness" that I can hardly put words expressing all of my gratefulness to Yvonne. I warmly recommend her as your twin flame coach."

Irene T., Switzerland

"Yvonne's informative and humorous videos accompanied me out of total confusion and into a happy relationship with my beloved Twin Flame. I also recently got to meet Yvonne in person and she is an amazing human being  also in real life.
I highly recommend you have her support you on your journey."

Rob R., New York

"Yvonne not only brings together the benefits of talk therapy and spiritual work in deep ways, but also stands uniquely and quietly in her own personal strength which happens to be the POWER OF LOVE.  I knew after the first ten minutes I spoke with Yvonne that my life was about to change profoundly."

Start your success story today.

Many people are already enjoying a happy and harmonious relationship with themselves and with their one true love. If they can do it, you can too.

The Power of Community

Probably the most difficult thing about your twin flame situation is that no one can relate to what you're going through. Twin Flame Spyrit offers you a community where you can exchange experiences 24/7 with people who are all pursuing the same goal: to find themselves and the love of their life.

Weekly Live Coachings

Every week, you can discuss your situation, your challenges, and your questions in live coaching sessions. You heal through your blocks and discover the next step that is right for you personally. In this way, you are perfectly looked after and can make rapid progress week after week.

Extensive Member Area

Our internal Twin Flame Spyrit member area offers everything you need in order to successfully progress on your twin flame journey: A big number of coaching videos, tools and exercises. Having worked with countless twin flames over the years, we know exactly what works.

Do you really want to be happy?

You can also have happiness, harmony and a deep connection with yourself and your one true love. But first, be really honest with yourself here, because:

The Coaching program is ideal for you, if you ...

  • ... have a positive attitude and are motivated to walk the path towards happiness.
  • ... want to improve your life on every level and are willing to invest time, energy and money.
  • ... know that deep transformation doesn't happen overnight, and if you are willing to work on yourself with patience and perseverance

The Coaching program is NOT for you, if you ...

  • ... prefer to daydream about your happiness instead of actively working on it.
  • ... are not ready to invest time, money and energy into yourself.
  • ... are looking for a quick fix instead of sustainable growth and transformation.

Start Coaching with Yvonne in three steps

1. Apply for Coaching with Yvonne

The way to your personal happiness is a very intensive and individualized process. As Yvonne can only work extensively with a few people, submitting an application is necessary, but of course this initial consultation is free.

2. Get a call from a team member

A Twin Flame Spyrit team member will call you in order to get clear on your individual situation, desires and challenges. Be sure that you are reachable! This consultation is completely free of charge. 

3. Find out if coaching is right for you

If we come to the conclusion that Yvonne can help you on your journey, we can enroll you in coaching. If we think that our program is not the right match for you right now, we will also let you know.  

An important notice before you sign up ...

If you are serious about embarking on your twin flame journey, then something must become clear to you. A very basic point that many overlook or misunderstand in the beginning. That's what happened to me too – with the result that I lost a lot of time, energy and money unnecessarily. Like so many of us, I was initially convinced that only being with my twin flame would bring me inner peace, and that I could not be happy without him. Does that sound familiar to you? This opinion is widespread, but a great mistake. The truth is: If you want to live a peaceful and harmonious relationship with your twin flame, you must first create a peaceful and harmonious relationship with yourself.

Why should you then find your twin flame in the first place, if it’s not in order to be saved, healed and made happy by them? – you might be wondering now. The answer is very simple: Your twin flame is your mirror. Your twin flame brings your needs, shadows, wounds and potentials to your awareness, like a mirror. However, you have to fulfill your needs yourself. You have to bring the shadows to light yourself. Only you can and must heal yourself and live your potential. This is YOUR task, not your twin flame’s. 

A deep inner lack often hides behind the longing for the twin flame. You long to be loved by him or her – but what you really lack is love for yourself. When you seek fulfillment in another person, it never leads you to happiness, but straight to unhappiness. Because the real lack of love that you feel deep inside of you remains – even when you are with your twin flame (which you may then blame them for...). No one else can remedy this deficiency other than you. The twin flame journey is primarily about you. You have to focus on yourself. The path to your twin flame is therefore an inner path – your path to your True Self. In fact, you are already perfect. As long as you do not recognize this and do not accept yourself with all your heart, exactly as you are, you cannot accept the love of your twin flame. And you will also not be able to accept your twin flame as they are. Only when you find happiness within yourself will you also find it with your twin flame.

Are you ready to walk this path?

Then I am more than happy to support you.

About Yvonne and Twin Flame Spyrit

Twin Flame Spyrit is run by Yvonne Speck, lic. phil. She discovered the concept of twin flames for herself following years of studying psychological and spiritual approaches by collaborating with numerous psychologists, coaches, and spiritual teachers worldwide. This passion for twin flames has been defining her private and professional life ever since.

This led her to sell her successful text and translation agency "SPECKWORDS" in 2017 and dive headfirst into the world of twin flames. As a twin flame coach, Yvonne puts her heart and soul into helping others find themselves and find their true love in the process. At the same time, she remains wholeheartedly dedicated to her own spiritual path and healing journey of growth and inner peace.

Yvonne has a Master’s degree from the University of Lausanne in German and Romance Studies and Political Science, and a teacher’s degree for Secondary and Higher Education from the University of Zurich. Born in London, she grew up in Switzerland and spent a total of 10 years in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the United States, Brazil, Italy and Australia – all while running her own business starting in 2008.

Yvonne is a passionate linguist and is fluent in Swiss German, German, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and, to a lesser degree, Spanish.

Over the last few years, she has helped countless people on the path of self-awareness and twin flame love. On her multilingual YouTube channel she has over 30,000 subscribers. An ever growing community watches her videos daily where she shares personal insights around the twin flame journey and the call for (self-)love.

Find one of Yvonne's YouTube videos here:

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More information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a twin flame? Does everyone have a twin flame?

    The twin flame is our ideal love partner: the person we have been longing for since we were children – our one true love. Your twin flame, that's you as the other person. Twin flames have always existed, but only now do we really become aware of their existence and of the deep healing we're asked to go through before we happily unite with them. And yes, EVERYONE has a twin flame!

  • What does it look like to do coaching with Yvonne?

    You will attend group and/or individual coaching sessions. The multifaceted member portal with numerous videos and connecting with like-minded people in a safe space is also ideal for you to achieve rapid progress. No matter what, you will always be well taken care of and you can feel at home in the community.

  • Is it possible to unite with my twin flame without help?

    The way to your one true love and ultimately the way to yourself is anything but easy. You will experience tremendous challenges and much confusion. The danger is great that you lose sight of the path again and again, almost despair, and at some point simply have no more energy to keep going. The probability that you will finally give up in frustration is very high. By the way: When you do unite with your twin flame, things don't necessarily get any easier ... Thanks to her experience, Yvonne can accompany you, prevent you from making all kinds of mistakes and show you step by step how to proceed – be it on the way to or with your twin flame.

  • I am already in a relationship – is it still possible to find my way to my one true love?

    Meeting your twin flame even though you or they are already married or in a steady relationship is a very common scenario these days. Having professional support to guide you through this delicate situation and assist you along the way is especially important in cases such as these. So the answer is yes, you can definitely walk the path of uniting with your twin flame and participate in the coaching program.

    How much time will I need to invest into the coaching program?

    You are sure to need at least one hour per day to work on your inner self and the content provided to you. You will also notice that this development affects and influences every aspect of your life. It is therefore in your best interest to fully devote yourself to the process in order to get the most out of your work with Yvonne. The more space you give this process, the stronger and more sustainable you can use the coaching with Yvonne for your path to happiness.